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Adidas Originals Adi Dassler

Adidas Originals Adi Dassler

ADIDAS 'ORIGINALS', directed by Martin Krejci

models:1:3 scale; eveydetail had to be thought through and designed


... and details

ADIDAS - initial concept drawing

SKODA 'FAIRYTALE CZECHIA' viral & print campaign series


SKODA - FAIRYTALE CZECHIA set design drawing


carbags sketch

SEDAL directed by Gaelle Denis; 'CARBAGS' - about a hundred of miniature props were designed and made

SEDAL directed by Gaelle Denis - set layouts in scale

SEDAL directed by Gaelle Denis - stop frame animation

VODAFONE - direted by Michal Zabka; INT. CZECH PUB, one of a series of miniature sets built for stop frame animation

VODAFONE - directed by Michal Zabka; EXT. TRAIN STATION set build



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